5. South African Foreign Policy Review: Volume 2

Editor: Professor Siphamandla Zondi,  Jo-Ansie Van Wyk & Lesley Masters
Publisher: African Institute of South Africa

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The first two decades of South Africa’s democracy have seen a growing breadth and depth in the analysis of South Africa’s foreign policy. This second volume of the South African Foreign Policy Review considers the continuity and change in South Africa’s foreign policy over the course of two decades, with a particular focus on the more recent approach under the Zuma administration. This includes a closer look at the principles, practices and partnerships that shape South Africa’s international relations and is aimed at supporting knowledge for reflection on South Africa’s conduct internationally and for anticipating ways in which the country may approach international relations and foreign policy going forward. It discusses the foreign policy making and the nature of South Africa’s diplomatic relations with Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America, as well as the country’s participation in multilateral diplomacy in Africa, the global South and at the United Nations (UN) to expand the discussion and deepen the debate on the future shape and direction of South Africa’s foreign policy.