4. World’s Apart? Perspectives on Africa-EU Migration

Publishers: Jacana Media

Editors: Adeoye O. Akinola and Jesper Bjarnesen

Direct Purchase: https://jacana.co.za/product/worlds-apart-perspectives-on-african-eu-migration/

Book Description: Over the past decade, migration has become a central theme in relations between Africa and Europe. It constitutes a political and diplomatic issue that seems to have imposed itself on a range of policy agendas, from development cooperation to peacebuilding and counterterrorism, and from climate change mitigation to conversations around Africa’s demographic transition. The book reflects on the diverse perspectives of African and European actors on migration and engages the securitisation of migration and exposure of migrants of colour to unsafe and undignified migration, including outright persecution. The book proffers a more just and sustainable migration governance agenda, against the backdrop of the more detailed reflections on the key policy priorities, drivers, regional dynamics, and actors influencing African-EU migration.