26. Rhodes scholars could contribute to colonial redress

Author: Jenny Louw
Date: 12 April 2021
Business Day
Image Courtesy of:  Danie van der Merwe via Wikimedia Commons

Adekeye Adebajo’s most recent column refers (“Cecil Rhodes’s legacy is crumbling but needs to be remembered”, April 12). I agree with the thrust of his writing, and would also like to congratulate him on the publication of his wonderful little historical novella, The Trial of Cecil John Rhodes, which gives a potted history of Africa and the achievements of many of African descent. (I personally think it should become a school setwork.)

What I would also like to see is that all those over the years who have benefited from Rhodes scholarships repay the monies into a Nelson Mandela scholarship fund to benefit, and allow other worthy Africans the same opportunities that have been afforded as beneficiaries of Rhodes scholarships over so many years.

If Prof Adebajo could start such a programme he would be doing much to advance education in Africa.

Jenny Louw,Via e-mail