24. The Pan-African Pantheon: Prophets, Poets and Philosophers

Reviewer: Tshepo Mvulane Moloi
Review Publisher: ACADEMIA | Letters
Author: Adekeye Adebajo (ed.)
Date: August 2021
Image courtesy of: Brandi Redd via Unsplash.com

It is opined that both advocates and critics alike of literature about Pan-Africanism, stand to studiously benefit, from this contemporary book on the theme of Pan-Africanism, meticulously edited, by Nigerian scholar Adekeye Adebajo. Adebajo is the ‘Director of the Institute for Pan-African Thought and Conversation’ at the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ), in South Africa. When contextualized his edited text, is a welcome addition in the discourse of Pan-Africanism. This book adroitly adds to contributions made by others addressing Pan-Africanism. Preceding texts include books by British historians Hakim Adi (Nigerian born) and Marika Sherwood’s (Hungarian born) Pan-Africanism History: Political Figures from Africa and the Diaspora since 1787 (2003), followed by Malian Frenchman Guy Martin’s African Political Thought (2012) and Marika Sherwood’s Origins of Pan-Africanism: Henry Sylvester Williams, Africa, and the African Diaspora (2012).

Dr. Tshepo Mvulane Moloi, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Johannesburg Institute of Advanced Study (JIAS), University of Johannesburg.

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