1. Adebajo’s racism unacceptable from the learned professor

Author: David Wolpert
Date: 24 September 2020
Business Day
Image courtesy of: jeanvdmeulen via Pixabay.com

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Had such a column been penned by a white person, there would have been an outcry

Adekeye Adebajo’s latest column was inflammatory and offensive (“Rhodes University stubbornly clings to arch imperialist’s name”, September 20). The “mind director” has every right to have his views published as all sides to a controversial issue should be aired. But there are limits to free speech. I have no doubt that had this letter been penned by a white person and the vicious insults had been aimed at black people, the piece would not have seen the light of day in your publication. If it did, I am convinced your offices would have been trashed.

Your normal high standards should be applicable to all, and not subject to racist classifications. As a longtime supporter of Business Day, I have decided not to renew my subscription. I refuse to pay hard-earned money to be subjected to arrogant racist views. I have spoken to a few colleagues and they plan to do the same, which they have confirmed on social media. I think you have some magnificent correspondents and I will view their contributions on social media in the future.

David Wolpert, Rivonia