15. Decolonizing the Syllabus: African Politics in the IRO Curriculum

Broadcaster: African Politics Club AM/FM  
Interviewee: Adekeye Adebajo
Interviewer: Yana and Rik
Date: 2 June 2021
Image courtesy of: PIRO4D via Pixabay.com

This podcast reviews decolonizing the IRO curriculum and African politics in International Relations, in which the hosts explore the ways in which IRO is perceived by students and academics in the field. The podcast is hosted by BA Political Science: International Relations and Organisations students at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Podcast link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3tbgbc0SDXrMZN61nTglaS?si=Br3owT5tTsipKO5913J1iA&dl_branch=1