1. Vanquishing the Ghost of Cecil Rhodes: Historical Struggles to Transform South Africa’s Curriculum

Author: Professor Adekeye Adebajo
Book Title: From Ivory Towers to Ebony Towers: Transforming Humanities Curricula in South Africa, Africa and African-American Studies (Tella and Motala (eds.)
Publisher and Date: Jacana, 2020

Cecil John Rhodes, the greatest individual historical symbol of imperialism until his death in 1902, dreamed of building a railway from the Cape to Cairo. He described Africa north of the Limpopo as South Africa’s ‘natural hinterland’, extending railways and telegraph poles northwards. Two South African universities are heavily influenced by the legacy of Rhodes: the University of Cape Town (UCT), built on part of his Groote Schuur estate by 1918; and Rhodes University, built from endowments from the Rhodes Trust in 1904, and named after its benefactor.

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