Vision and mission


The Institute for Pan-African Thought and Conversation is a centre of excellence providing a forum for scholars, practitioners, and civil society actors across Africa and its Diaspora to dialogue and contribute to the rigorous production and dissemination of Pan-African knowledge and culture.


The Institute aims to promote original and innovative Pan-African ideas and critical dialogue in pursuit of global excellence in research and teaching, and to contribute actively to building an international profile for the University of Johannesburg on Pan-African issues.


Pan-Africanism can be defined as efforts to promote the political, socio-economic, and cultural unity and self-reliance of Africa and its Diaspora. The subject of Pan-African political thought has  historically been under-researched. The establishment of the Institute is therefore particularly timely in ensuring that Pan-African knowledge-production forms part of, and influences, mainstream global debates. The Institute will focus on issues concerning African politics, economics, society and culture, and will seek to build bridges with Africa’s Diaspora.