Building bridges with Africa and its Diaspora

IPATC will seek to build bridges with institutions in all five African subregions, as well as key Diaspora intellectual communities in the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. These collaborations will reflect the cultural diversity of Pan-Africanism, encompassing the anglophone, francophone, lusophone, and arabophone worlds. IPATC will identify key affiliated institutions in each region with which to collaborate on research, teaching, and hosting lectures. These institutions will also help to disseminate the work of the Institute, and build its profile in these countries and regions.

Communications strategy

The Institute will develop an effective communications strategy aimed at adding value to the public sphere, enriching debates on Pan-African political, socio-economic, and cultural issues with which the Institute is engaged. Its main aims will be to influence South African and Pan-African debates about key issues; inform and educate public opinion; involve the general public, academics, policy-makers, and the media about the Institute’s work; and disseminate this work across Africa and its Diaspora. These goals will be achieved through hosting public dialogues; publishing targeted media articles; writing, publishing, and disseminating journal articles and books in collaboration with other Pan-African scholars and centres; and maintaining the Institute’s website and social media platforms. Public dialogues are an important part of the ‘conversation’ aspect of the Institute’s mission. Documentaries and films on major Pan-African figures and issues will also form part of these dialogues.