About the Institute

THE Institute for Pan-African Thought and Conversation (IPATC) is an initiative of the University of Johannesburg. Its purpose is to create a platform for academics from across Africa to converge and bring to bear intellectual capabilities and contributions that have been marginalised on the global stage.

The Institute will explore Sub-Saharan ethics and world views; seek to advance African values in politics, and debate justifiable African beliefs; present sub-Saharan artistic values; and investigate how Africa should relate to the East in the next major stage of the continent’s independence in a globalised evironment.

The Institute is housed in a dedicated building in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. Its Director is the noted scholar Prof Adekeye Adebajo.


A BOOK commemorating the life and work of Ali Mazrui was launched at the University of Johannesburg on Thursday 20 March 2017. The launch was held by IPATC and African Perspectives Publishing, in partnership with the UJ Library. Read more




On 7 February 2017, IPATC hosted a public discussion on the Africa legacy of former US president Barack Obama. For more on this event, click here.





Jammeh’s ousting seen as ray of hope for Africa. By Westen K Shilaho. The Star, 3 February 2017